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=>>i got what you want.. i got what you need

man oh man
i dont know whats going on
seems like all i do these days is doubt everyone and everything.. even if i have no reasons..even colin.. and it makes me feel like shit but at the same time i think "well doh doh doh.. ye ayea .. i dont have any good reasons to trust him yet.. y would he like me anyway? i am nothign special.." but then i think of when we are having a serios conversation (and both sober dohhhh) and the things he says then "i wouldnt go back to philidelphia if i couldnt bring you.." "you piss me off but i cant stay away from you cuz i like you soo much" and that he gets so pissed when he sees someone hitting on me or talking shit about me..and the way he play fights.. i dunno i guess the good thinggs out number the bad.. although the key largo incident is a few points on him..
i dont know what to do
one day he pisses me off so much i wanna tell him to fuck off but then i think how much i like him and how sweet he is.. ehh tomorrow we are going out to lunch so i will ddiscuss these matters further with him..

im so confuzed.. im going to sleep.. seems to be one of the only things that make me feel better
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