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=>> i got a dollar.. i got a dollar.. i got a dollar ..hey hey hey!!

i have a puppy
shes cool

friday night-
hung out with david john cecillia and my sis..then went to the beach met up with chris.. picked up colin eric derek and chad got like a case and a half of beer, went back to the beach.. then me colin derek eric n chad decided to leave so we jsut stared runnin.. went to chads.. hugn out.. my sister found us and got dropped off.. then we went out to the golf course.. climbed this huge tree.. drank more beer.. then decided to go roll a blunt and watch half baked.. so we did.. then everyone stared passin out.. and me and colin i guess did somethign that no other before us has on the balcony muah ahah.. then me colinand my sis left and came home..

went out on the boat with my dad sis and colin.. we went skirfin and to key wayden and hung out.. it was fun.. i got a tan colin got burned hah and then we came home and my dad took us all out to eat hehe.. then us 3 left and met up with john and cecelia and shannon and flew up to the mans house cuz we heard there was gunna be acid..but we can only buy 20 hits minimum.. soo we say fuck it.. get everyones $ together and of course low and behold - someone was jsut trying to look good.. stupid fucks.. we were pissed.. so we drank alot of beer and smoked ..then everyone goes to check out the puppies marys dog had and there was 6 of em and me colin elaina john n cecelia are all like "awww" so everyone but colin took one they are so cute

so now i have a little girl puppy by the name of SID.. in tribute to the wonderful sid viscious and the hero amongst men- acid. so in short- sid.. shes cute.. all sleepin onmy neck n shit..
blah im goin back to bed
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