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=>> look in to my eyes and tell me what it is you see.

man oh man my dog rocks
sid is a pimpette
me and colin have joint custody cuz he loves her
he says now for the good of our puppy we have to stay together.. shes a sweet heart.. we decided names fer all of them too- me and colins is sid. short fer acid viscious.. my sisters is dank and johns is narri - narrijuana that isssss.. hehe and i dunno what cecelia named hers..

so yea today i woke up and colin and karla came over. and we all went to get flea waash and flea collars n food and then washed the mutts and karla dropped us off at johns werk.. we hung out there w/ the dawgs n shit then headed up to davids..john david n colin got sum real sid but i was broke so i couldnt get nun.. and i don tthink there was ne left to get but thats ok i had a fun night i jsut wish i woulda had sum tho..so we all fuckin hung out smoked drove.. went to the beach.. played with the dawgs..and the sid was fuckin crazy colin was funny as fuck and pat n perky sed it would last til tomorrow mornin prolly.. and i bet it will .. cuz colin was pissed that he was still trippin by the time we all got home and i dunno it was crazy shit..
but these fuckin mutts rule cuz they shit in katis car.. hahha i laughed my ass off..and everyone is makin fun of me and colin cuz were sharign the dog like its our kid n were married n shit.. but its cute i think...yea and ive never shared a dog with ne one.. i feel special hehe..

well wednesday is valentines day i wonder what we are going to do.. hopefully sumpin good hapens..i better get sum mad lovin hehe

well my dog is so cute im gunna goplay with her..cuz i love her!

peas out jesus
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