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=>> for you im awake

ohh im tired..
so colin called me while i was sleepin this mornin so i call him back and he sed hes takin his lunch break n him n john r commin to pick me up.. so we take the dogs.. and head to mackle park.. and they smoke a bowl on the way.. then sid got stuck under the front seat of thecar and it took us like 20 minutes to get her out.we were so worried hehe.. then were lettin the mutts play by the water and they run through sum fire ants and are gettin al bit up n shit.. and me and colin are like ohh shit so we start washin em off in the lake.. were so pathetic.. but thats ok cuz we love our dog! i dont know if my dad is gunna let us keep em but there is no way i will get rid of sid.. i cant ne way shes only 1/2 mine.. but colin took her back to werk with him so me and dank are chillin.. but danks a crazy bitch and i dunnno.. i wish he woulda taken my sisters dog too so shes not here when my dad is home and i can have a break.. damn dood-- im gunan sleep er sumpin im tired n theres nuttin to do ne way...
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