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=>> that girl from e.t.- shes the only one for me

yea im bleachign my hair right now.. waitin fer colin to get off werk n my dad to get home n yea shit..


i knwo alot of ppl hate this holiday cuz they dont have a "significant other" but fuck it.. i like it.. i mean i got someone.. and im happy i got a boy and a puppy.. i am content with life for now.. sheesh.. its been a while.

well me and jenlle are reminicing and i miss her soooo much!!

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whether you have someone or not.... Valentines day is not a holiday, it's novelty.
its is not a holiday but a eaasy way for the advertisement industry and "hallmark to make sum mad cash since there are no big real holidays commin up til like easter maybe? and x-mas was the last big one.. so theyre runnin low on funds around this time.. oh what to do??!!? make a new holiday? suuure y not? jsut stick it in btw xmas and easter!!
i do not recognize christmas as a holiday. Only christians should celebrate christmas... obvious.