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=>> manja mia butana...

im so confuzed..
me and colin have so much fun together
but we are both fucked in the head
and who knows whats wrong with us..
but shouldnt that make us closer together?
i mean we both have no one on this island cept our dog..
we are opposite in alot of ways that are pretty trivial but are good
but little things push us into arguments.. and question our relationship..
we push past it and move on but it happens again
but i love being with him and aparently the feeling is mutual..
we can have fun doing absolutely nothing
and our relationship is not based on sex
we enjoy the same things.. and we dont spend too much time together..
but i dont see how these little things fuck us up.. i kno what it is.. its the other people whe interfere... hmm...
i dont know its jsut pissing me off to write about it.. so fuck this live journal for tonite.. im gunna go think and sleep cuz i can..
i just wanna say god damn i fucking hate people and this poor excuse for an island i am forced to call my home.. the only things that make it worth while are my dog and colin.. and im still curious as to how we get through these days......

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