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=>> everytime i try to tell em no- they wont let me ever let em go..

yea buddy charlies here.. thats cool hes neat..
were gunna party so yea..

uh huh.. ive been stressed out these last two days.. but i mean its nothing.. i can handle it.. it sucks tho.. me and david.. in similar situations.. we both know what we gotta do but we dont want to .. its crazy - i mena at least im not alone.. - elaina- dont think u know waht im talking about.. and if u read this.. keep it to your self.. my journal is no one in floridas concern got it? yea so ne way.. people suck.. they are such peices of shit and so self absorbed.. well most of them a few are decent.. i jsut wish i could just have fun and everyhting would be ok.. ya know? thats all i want- to have fun.. but people make that little thing so fuckign difficult.. i dont feel like explaining the situation.. but it helps to write about it a little .. but yea im goin to bed... i wanna get an earily start on my friday - its gunna be good- im gunna make sure of that.. im gunna get sum cronic as a surprise fer everyone.. shhh! dont tell.. them im gunna get sum pills maybe jsut fer me and one other person.... bye..

why does everyone think im joking when i ask them to shoot me or hit me with their car???? IM NOT

ehh maybe ill get lucky and not wake up for a while- nto forever.. jsut til everyone getstheir shit together....
how nice would that be?

i can dream cant i..
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