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=>> sleep isnt comming as easily as id hoped...

1. Name: jessie
2. Birth Date: 6/22
3. Location: marco island florida
4. School: none
5. Hobbies: sex drugs n rock n roll
6. Color Eyes: green
7. Height: 5'10"
8. Shoe Size: 8
9. Favorite Color: pink
10. Favorite Song: i have a million
11. Favorite Book: there are jsut so many
12. Favorite Vacation spot: my life is a vacation
13. Absolute best friend(s): none.. altho chad eric n derek n karla are my 3 fave people
14. Best friend of Opposite sex: hmm- chad
close friends of the opposite sex: ?
15: Boyfriend or Girlfriend? fuck colin im siingle again!
16: Crush: i dont know.. i still care about colin tons.. even tho i wanna punch him
17: Things you like in the opposite sex: eyes, a sexy body, humor, compassion
18: When was the last time you kissed someone: a peck? about an hour ago.. french? thursday.
19: Most romantic thing a person has ever said to you or done: "i cant stand being away from you"
20: Funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of someone of the opposite sex?: i dunno i have done alot of fucked up shit
21: There is no 21: fuck you
22: Best quality in a friend: will open their ears n notp jkust their mouth
23: Fondest Memory of you and your Friend(s): there are too many...and all of them i love
25: Favorite Computer Font: thats a dumb question
26: Favorite Food: i hate food
27: Favorite Place to Eat: su's garden!!
28: Food you hate: all of it
29: Weirdest food you like: duh i hate food -fruit-la
30: Dumbest thing you've done: how about everythign i do
31: One person who knows most about you: who knows
32: Favorite Movie: american beauty, fear + loathing, trainspotting, point break, slc punk, ehh i forget
33: Last movie you saw in the theater: i dont know fuck you
36: Best Advice Ever Given to You: this month? "you can do better.."- chad.. "the best friends make the best lovers"- chad too
37: Favorite Quote #1: i dont feel liek thinking that hard
38: Favorite Quote #2: darrrrrr
38 1/2. Favorite Quote #3: eat me bitch
39: One thing you wish you could tell the whole world: i hate you
40: One thing you hope you do before you die: take this world down with me
41: Thing you want to be remembered for: fuckign this place up
42: Your Personality Type: theres not much i can say about my self with out being negative or seeming self centered... i take the 5th
43: Favorite Music Group: i like eminem alot at the moment
44: Pets: my sid-baby
45: Favorite Holiday: x-mas- cuz i get shit
46: Favorite Season: in florida its all the same- but prolly summer
47: Favorite Summer Activity: partying.. its my favorite activiity period
48: Favorite Winter Activity: gettin drunk n walking to the store in a snow storm
49: What you wanna be when you grow up: either dead or still partyin with the best of em
50: Funniest Person you Know: i know alot of funny people
51: Favorite Conversation Topic:
those trip- conversations you have when yer not tripping..
52: Favorite Sport: fuck sports i like surfin n skatin n rollerblading
53: Favorite Magazines: cosmo
54: Favorite Toothpaste: who cares
55: Favorite Bubble Gum: i hate gum n it gets stuck on my tounge ring
56: Favorite Candy i hate candy
57: Favorite Store: jet set
58: Favorite Thing to Wear to School: blah
59: yea fuck you
60: Biggest Fear: being alone..not being able to turn things down that jsut hurt me one way or another..
61: Favorite Inside Joke: which one?
62: Favorite Girl's Name: august, cecelia,
63: Favorite Guy's Name: jeremy, colin,
67: Thing you get picked on most about: i havent been picked on in a while..
68: Person you got this from: allysons lj
69: Favorite Words: fuck bitch shit damn werd, hah theres alot
70: Thing you Say Waaaaay Too Much: fuck/ fuckin/fucking/fuck you, yeah, cool, werd, peas, yo, fruit-la, cool, bitch, cock sucker
72: Favorite POP: coke
73: Link to your favorite Website(s): blah
74: One Place you want to go to:
75: Time & Date: uhh feburary something- 2:08 am ( sunday nite)
76: What did you do or what are your plans today: i dont want to talk about it
77: You kiss someone and you're chewing gum, what kind of chewing gum?: yer gay
78: What college do you want to go to: none
79: Person you Admire most: i admire chad and eric alot..
80: Thing you most regret: hmm this week? let me make a list
81: Number of Pairs of shoes you own: 2 and 2 pairs of sandals
82: Favorite piece of jewelry: my amber necklace
83: Your favorite theme song(s): i dunno
85: If a movie was made about your life what would it be? yet to be made
86: Color of your bedroom: white
87: Size of your bed: queen
88: Last time you showered: this morning
89: Last phone number you called: karla
91: What's the weather like: warm as fuck
92: Last Book you Read by Choice: uhh sum greek mythology book
93: Last show/movie you watched on TV: uhh i watched goodfellas todday..
94: Where is your computer: in my room
95: Color socks you're wearing: none
96: Silliest Thing You've said: yea liek i can remember..
97: Favorite Smiley Face: ?
98: Last word you said: fuck you
99: Thing you actually want to be doing right now: getting shit straight with colin
100: How glad are you that this is over: over joyed..
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