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=>> i feel lost in this world

i will prolly start using this journal again in a litte while.. so yea.. im at dereks and we are jsut chillin onthe computers.. i wanna go skating.. but we have no boards that the moment.. it sucks,... i want my rollerblades so i can tear some shit up...

man i feel so alone.. i wish i had that someone to be with me ,

i knw othey feel the same way

i jsut have this feeling..
if i am wrong about it
oh well.
theres plenty of fish in the sea

but i am not really interested in sea food

i jsut need to approach the conversation at the right time.. and get my head straight first..
these things take tiiiimmmeee

this prolyl makes no sense.. but i could give a rats ass..

so suck my dick bitch!!!
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