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=*= ReD hoT RiDinG H00d=*='s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
=*= ReD hoT RiDinG H00d=*=

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=>>move bitch, get out the way! [29 May 2002|11:04pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Well i think this old ass journal is gunna come back in style.. i think its the time
so yea this ones way sweeter
im gettin my car back in like a day or two and then im driving to atlanta just to smoke a blunt with ludicris then its off to dEc8or to do a spritz with patric c.. not that he needs one.. that maniac..

i dont really know what to say tho..
i wish i had more acid
thats about it

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=>> judge me [13 May 2001|10:56pm]
[ mood | awake ]

i wanna start using this journal again.
i think i will
er maybe alternate er sum shit.
this journal is a classic
i cant be wastin that shit.

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=>>have i found that someone? [01 Apr 2001|01:52pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i think i might start using this journal again- i like it a bit better

fuck all dem hoes

when i drink tequila i am a really mean person haha

you cnat turn a hoe into a house wife!
cuz hoes dont act right!

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=>> i feel lost in this world [14 Mar 2001|06:11pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

i will prolly start using this journal again in a litte while.. so yea.. im at dereks and we are jsut chillin onthe computers.. i wanna go skating.. but we have no boards that the moment.. it sucks,... i want my rollerblades so i can tear some shit up...

man i feel so alone.. i wish i had that someone to be with me ,

i knw othey feel the same way

i jsut have this feeling..
if i am wrong about it
oh well.
theres plenty of fish in the sea

but i am not really interested in sea food

i jsut need to approach the conversation at the right time.. and get my head straight first..
these things take tiiiimmmeee

this prolyl makes no sense.. but i could give a rats ass..

so suck my dick bitch!!!

(tAkE YOuR CloTHeS oFf)

how you say my love in spanish? mi amor! [06 Mar 2001|09:08pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

hmm poop..

everyone take me off yer buddy list and put my new name on .. emial me and ill give it to ya.. stop bein lazy cuz i ant feelin to loved...
if i dont emial u back its cuz i dont like you!!

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=>> fuck you [28 Feb 2001|04:26pm]
[ mood | cranky ]




(tAkE YOuR CloTHeS oFf)

=>>dont let go. [27 Feb 2001|02:44pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

whats it gonna be?
cuz i cant pretend
dont ya wanna be more than jsut friends?
hold me tight and dont let go
you have the right to lose control
i often told my self that we could be more than just friends
i know you think that if we move too soon, it would all end
i live in misery when your not around
and i wont be satisfied til were taklin full vows
there'll be some love makin heart breaking soul shaking love
whats it gonna be?
cuz i cant pretend
dont ya wanna be more than jsut friends?
hold me tight and dont let go
you have the right to lose control

runnin in and out of my life has got me so confused
you gotta make a sacrafice.. somebodys got to choose
we can make if we try for the sake of you and i
together we can make it right

i hate braking up with someone.. it always makes me feel so lonely .. it sucks.. but ill get over it cuz i have cool people to be with... but ya know.. theres still always that feeling you have.,..
hmm oh well... theres no reason to dwell on the subject.. bye

(tAkE YOuR CloTHeS oFf)

=>> sleep isnt comming as easily as id hoped... [26 Feb 2001|02:13am]
1. Name: jessie
2. Birth Date: 6/22
3. Location: marco island florida
4. School: none
5. Hobbies: sex drugs n rock n roll
6. Color Eyes: green
7. Height: 5'10"
8. Shoe Size: 8
9. Favorite Color: pink
10. Favorite Song: i have a million
11. Favorite Book: there are jsut so many
12. Favorite Vacation spot: my life is a vacation
13. Absolute best friend(s): none.. altho chad eric n derek n karla are my 3 fave people
14. Best friend of Opposite sex: hmm- chad
close friends of the opposite sex: ?
15: Boyfriend or Girlfriend? fuck colin im siingle again!
16: Crush: i dont know.. i still care about colin tons.. even tho i wanna punch him
17: Things you like in the opposite sex: eyes, a sexy body, humor, compassion
18: When was the last time you kissed someone: a peck? about an hour ago.. french? thursday.
19: Most romantic thing a person has ever said to you or done: "i cant stand being away from you"
20: Funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of someone of the opposite sex?: i dunno i have done alot of fucked up shit
21: There is no 21: fuck you
22: Best quality in a friend: will open their ears n notp jkust their mouth
23: Fondest Memory of you and your Friend(s): there are too many...and all of them i love
25: Favorite Computer Font: thats a dumb question
26: Favorite Food: i hate food
27: Favorite Place to Eat: su's garden!!
28: Food you hate: all of it
29: Weirdest food you like: duh i hate food -fruit-la
30: Dumbest thing you've done: how about everythign i do
31: One person who knows most about you: who knows
32: Favorite Movie: american beauty, fear + loathing, trainspotting, point break, slc punk, ehh i forget
33: Last movie you saw in the theater: i dont know fuck you
36: Best Advice Ever Given to You: this month? "you can do better.."- chad.. "the best friends make the best lovers"- chad too
37: Favorite Quote #1: i dont feel liek thinking that hard
38: Favorite Quote #2: darrrrrr
38 1/2. Favorite Quote #3: eat me bitch
39: One thing you wish you could tell the whole world: i hate you
40: One thing you hope you do before you die: take this world down with me
41: Thing you want to be remembered for: fuckign this place up
42: Your Personality Type: theres not much i can say about my self with out being negative or seeming self centered... i take the 5th
43: Favorite Music Group: i like eminem alot at the moment
44: Pets: my sid-baby
45: Favorite Holiday: x-mas- cuz i get shit
46: Favorite Season: in florida its all the same- but prolly summer
47: Favorite Summer Activity: partying.. its my favorite activiity period
48: Favorite Winter Activity: gettin drunk n walking to the store in a snow storm
49: What you wanna be when you grow up: either dead or still partyin with the best of em
50: Funniest Person you Know: i know alot of funny people
51: Favorite Conversation Topic:
those trip- conversations you have when yer not tripping..
52: Favorite Sport: fuck sports i like surfin n skatin n rollerblading
53: Favorite Magazines: cosmo
54: Favorite Toothpaste: who cares
55: Favorite Bubble Gum: i hate gum n it gets stuck on my tounge ring
56: Favorite Candy i hate candy
57: Favorite Store: jet set
58: Favorite Thing to Wear to School: blah
59: yea fuck you
60: Biggest Fear: being alone..not being able to turn things down that jsut hurt me one way or another..
61: Favorite Inside Joke: which one?
62: Favorite Girl's Name: august, cecelia,
63: Favorite Guy's Name: jeremy, colin,
67: Thing you get picked on most about: i havent been picked on in a while..
68: Person you got this from: allysons lj
69: Favorite Words: fuck bitch shit damn werd, hah theres alot
70: Thing you Say Waaaaay Too Much: fuck/ fuckin/fucking/fuck you, yeah, cool, werd, peas, yo, fruit-la, cool, bitch, cock sucker
72: Favorite POP: coke
73: Link to your favorite Website(s): blah
74: One Place you want to go to:
75: Time & Date: uhh feburary something- 2:08 am ( sunday nite)
76: What did you do or what are your plans today: i dont want to talk about it
77: You kiss someone and you're chewing gum, what kind of chewing gum?: yer gay
78: What college do you want to go to: none
79: Person you Admire most: i admire chad and eric alot..
80: Thing you most regret: hmm this week? let me make a list
81: Number of Pairs of shoes you own: 2 and 2 pairs of sandals
82: Favorite piece of jewelry: my amber necklace
83: Your favorite theme song(s): i dunno
85: If a movie was made about your life what would it be? yet to be made
86: Color of your bedroom: white
87: Size of your bed: queen
88: Last time you showered: this morning
89: Last phone number you called: karla
91: What's the weather like: warm as fuck
92: Last Book you Read by Choice: uhh sum greek mythology book
93: Last show/movie you watched on TV: uhh i watched goodfellas todday..
94: Where is your computer: in my room
95: Color socks you're wearing: none
96: Silliest Thing You've said: yea liek i can remember..
97: Favorite Smiley Face: ?
98: Last word you said: fuck you
99: Thing you actually want to be doing right now: getting shit straight with colin
100: How glad are you that this is over: over joyed..

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=>> everytime i try to tell em no- they wont let me ever let em go.. [22 Feb 2001|11:22pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

yea buddy charlies here.. thats cool hes neat..
were gunna party so yea..

uh huh.. ive been stressed out these last two days.. but i mean its nothing.. i can handle it.. it sucks tho.. me and david.. in similar situations.. we both know what we gotta do but we dont want to .. its crazy - i mena at least im not alone.. - elaina- dont think u know waht im talking about.. and if u read this.. keep it to your self.. my journal is no one in floridas concern got it? yea so ne way.. people suck.. they are such peices of shit and so self absorbed.. well most of them a few are decent.. i jsut wish i could just have fun and everyhting would be ok.. ya know? thats all i want- to have fun.. but people make that little thing so fuckign difficult.. i dont feel like explaining the situation.. but it helps to write about it a little .. but yea im goin to bed... i wanna get an earily start on my friday - its gunna be good- im gunna make sure of that.. im gunna get sum cronic as a surprise fer everyone.. shhh! dont tell.. them im gunna get sum pills maybe jsut fer me and one other person.... bye..

why does everyone think im joking when i ask them to shoot me or hit me with their car???? IM NOT

ehh maybe ill get lucky and not wake up for a while- nto forever.. jsut til everyone getstheir shit together....
how nice would that be?

i can dream cant i..

(tAkE YOuR CloTHeS oFf)

=>> manja mia butana... [21 Feb 2001|10:06pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

im so confuzed..
me and colin have so much fun together
but we are both fucked in the head
and who knows whats wrong with us..
but shouldnt that make us closer together?
i mean we both have no one on this island cept our dog..
we are opposite in alot of ways that are pretty trivial but are good
but little things push us into arguments.. and question our relationship..
we push past it and move on but it happens again
but i love being with him and aparently the feeling is mutual..
we can have fun doing absolutely nothing
and our relationship is not based on sex
we enjoy the same things.. and we dont spend too much time together..
but i dont see how these little things fuck us up.. i kno what it is.. its the other people whe interfere... hmm...
i dont know its jsut pissing me off to write about it.. so fuck this live journal for tonite.. im gunna go think and sleep cuz i can..
i just wanna say god damn i fucking hate people and this poor excuse for an island i am forced to call my home.. the only things that make it worth while are my dog and colin.. and im still curious as to how we get through these days......


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=>>please show me what it is that you wanna see [21 Feb 2001|01:38am]
[ mood | loved ]

yea yeayea fucked up week it has been
i got good extacy
got kicked out of my house
stayed the night at perkeys
his room mate tried to talk me into having sex with him and i was like no i have a guy blah blah blah.. and i was waitin fer colin n john to coem get me and i was like please hurry! i was so happy when they walked in the door.. damn
but me and my pops werked everythign out..
i got the car back
i have been playin with my doggie alot.. i love her.. shes gunna be a kick ass dog...
been werkin on gettin a job to get an apartment pay my cell phone from my dad and buy my own fuckin car
colin decided to stop smoking weed til he gets his shit paid off n his apartment.. i was proud cuz hes gettin his shit strait and another job n shit..
me and colin decided to stay home tonite and fuck all the bullshit of finding drugs and driving around all nite.. so we rented a few movies n ate dinner weith my dad then chilled.. it was fun.. hes such a sweet heart.. we took a bunch of cute pics with the web cam..

well i am gunna go to sleep cuz im tired and had a ruff 2 days..
so peas dawgs
n werd to yer fuckin mother

(tAkE YOuR CloTHeS oFf)

=>>sappy pathetic little me.. that was the girl i used t o be////////// [17 Feb 2001|11:08am]
[ mood | happy ]

yes yes yes..
i had a pretty shitty 2 days before this.. me and colin got in a fight... stopped talking.. i was sad.. and low and behold.. who came back to who? yea it was weird i called to get my dog.. er had karla call 4 me and he told us tocome pick him up and went to the beach with us and hun gout with us all day then bought me a roll and i was like wow.. then we all went to the beach.. me david colin and john were all rollin and the pills were really good me and colin go off fer a welk downthe beach and chill on the rocks n shit and we talked.. it was so fun.. i ate like 2 rolls and they were really good,, i wanna get more a dos doood.. but i got home at like 5 am so my dads kinda pissed.. but i better go out tonite cuz were all goin to the prarie with 2 kegs dood! and i wanna ride a dirt bike....well peas out i gotsta go take a showa....


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=>> dont ya wanna be more than just friends? [15 Feb 2001|09:41am]
[ mood | sad ]

im such a bitch
yesterday sucked
cuz i realized what a bitch i am
and im sorry!
i just hope things work out fer the best
i dont wanna talk about it anymore really tho
cuz it realy sucks..
plus its no one elses business really.

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=>> that girl from e.t.- shes the only one for me [14 Feb 2001|04:39pm]
[ mood | Loved and Loving ]

yea im bleachign my hair right now.. waitin fer colin to get off werk n my dad to get home n yea shit..


i knwo alot of ppl hate this holiday cuz they dont have a "significant other" but fuck it.. i like it.. i mean i got someone.. and im happy i got a boy and a puppy.. i am content with life for now.. sheesh.. its been a while.

well me and jenlle are reminicing and i miss her soooo much!!


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=>> be a witness as i excersize my excorcism [13 Feb 2001|11:51am]
[ mood | happy ]

yea so last nite my dad decided we couldnt keep sid and dank and i was about to cry.. tears in my eyes n everyhting and i told colin and he sed there was some lady that would take her and sum guy wanted dank.. so we thought everyhting would be cool.. but nooo this mornin g colin called to say that both people backed out.. so we still have to find a home for dank.. colin is keeping sid no matter what cuz he looooves her.. and that means i get to see her evryday and she can spen d the night n everythign cuz we have joint custody.. im so happy hes keeping her.. i was so heart-broken when i coudnt keep her and i doooooooo yay! well colin n john are on their way to get meee..
god .. i havent had a cigarette since 3:00 yesterday.. and i am so broke i cant buy em... i have been desperately scrounging fer $ but colin is getting me a pack.. what an angel.. he jsut saved my life...

(tAkE YOuR CloTHeS oFf)

=>> for you im awake [12 Feb 2001|02:10pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

ohh im tired..
so colin called me while i was sleepin this mornin so i call him back and he sed hes takin his lunch break n him n john r commin to pick me up.. so we take the dogs.. and head to mackle park.. and they smoke a bowl on the way.. then sid got stuck under the front seat of thecar and it took us like 20 minutes to get her out.we were so worried hehe.. then were lettin the mutts play by the water and they run through sum fire ants and are gettin al bit up n shit.. and me and colin are like ohh shit so we start washin em off in the lake.. were so pathetic.. but thats ok cuz we love our dog! i dont know if my dad is gunna let us keep em but there is no way i will get rid of sid.. i cant ne way shes only 1/2 mine.. but colin took her back to werk with him so me and dank are chillin.. but danks a crazy bitch and i dunnno.. i wish he woulda taken my sisters dog too so shes not here when my dad is home and i can have a break.. damn dood-- im gunan sleep er sumpin im tired n theres nuttin to do ne way...

(tAkE YOuR CloTHeS oFf)

=>> look in to my eyes and tell me what it is you see. [11 Feb 2001|11:38pm]
[ mood | loved ]

man oh man my dog rocks
sid is a pimpette
me and colin have joint custody cuz he loves her
he says now for the good of our puppy we have to stay together.. shes a sweet heart.. we decided names fer all of them too- me and colins is sid. short fer acid viscious.. my sisters is dank and johns is narri - narrijuana that isssss.. hehe and i dunno what cecelia named hers..

so yea today i woke up and colin and karla came over. and we all went to get flea waash and flea collars n food and then washed the mutts and karla dropped us off at johns werk.. we hung out there w/ the dawgs n shit then headed up to davids..john david n colin got sum real sid but i was broke so i couldnt get nun.. and i don tthink there was ne left to get but thats ok i had a fun night i jsut wish i woulda had sum tho..so we all fuckin hung out smoked drove.. went to the beach.. played with the dawgs..and the sid was fuckin crazy colin was funny as fuck and pat n perky sed it would last til tomorrow mornin prolly.. and i bet it will .. cuz colin was pissed that he was still trippin by the time we all got home and i dunno it was crazy shit..
but these fuckin mutts rule cuz they shit in katis car.. hahha i laughed my ass off..and everyone is makin fun of me and colin cuz were sharign the dog like its our kid n were married n shit.. but its cute i think...yea and ive never shared a dog with ne one.. i feel special hehe..

well wednesday is valentines day i wonder what we are going to do.. hopefully sumpin good hapens..i better get sum mad lovin hehe

well my dog is so cute im gunna goplay with her..cuz i love her!

peas out jesus

(tAkE YOuR CloTHeS oFf)

=>> i got a dollar.. i got a dollar.. i got a dollar ..hey hey hey!! [11 Feb 2001|08:20am]
[ mood | mellow ]

i have a puppy
shes cool

friday night-
hung out with david john cecillia and my sis..then went to the beach met up with chris.. picked up colin eric derek and chad got like a case and a half of beer, went back to the beach.. then me colin derek eric n chad decided to leave so we jsut stared runnin.. went to chads.. hugn out.. my sister found us and got dropped off.. then we went out to the golf course.. climbed this huge tree.. drank more beer.. then decided to go roll a blunt and watch half baked.. so we did.. then everyone stared passin out.. and me and colin i guess did somethign that no other before us has on the balcony muah ahah.. then me colinand my sis left and came home..

went out on the boat with my dad sis and colin.. we went skirfin and to key wayden and hung out.. it was fun.. i got a tan colin got burned hah and then we came home and my dad took us all out to eat hehe.. then us 3 left and met up with john and cecelia and shannon and flew up to the mans house cuz we heard there was gunna be acid..but we can only buy 20 hits minimum.. soo we say fuck it.. get everyones $ together and of course low and behold - someone was jsut trying to look good.. stupid fucks.. we were pissed.. so we drank alot of beer and smoked ..then everyone goes to check out the puppies marys dog had and there was 6 of em and me colin elaina john n cecelia are all like "awww" so everyone but colin took one they are so cute

so now i have a little girl puppy by the name of SID.. in tribute to the wonderful sid viscious and the hero amongst men- acid. so in short- sid.. shes cute.. all sleepin onmy neck n shit..
blah im goin back to bed

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=>>i got what you want.. i got what you need [08 Feb 2001|10:33pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

man oh man
i dont know whats going on
seems like all i do these days is doubt everyone and everything.. even if i have no reasons..even colin.. and it makes me feel like shit but at the same time i think "well doh doh doh.. ye ayea .. i dont have any good reasons to trust him yet.. y would he like me anyway? i am nothign special.." but then i think of when we are having a serios conversation (and both sober dohhhh) and the things he says then "i wouldnt go back to philidelphia if i couldnt bring you.." "you piss me off but i cant stay away from you cuz i like you soo much" and that he gets so pissed when he sees someone hitting on me or talking shit about me..and the way he play fights.. i dunno i guess the good thinggs out number the bad.. although the key largo incident is a few points on him..
i dont know what to do
one day he pisses me off so much i wanna tell him to fuck off but then i think how much i like him and how sweet he is.. ehh tomorrow we are going out to lunch so i will ddiscuss these matters further with him..

im so confuzed.. im going to sleep.. seems to be one of the only things that make me feel better

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=>>be a man [07 Feb 2001|11:50pm]
[ mood | angry ]

sucky day
-got zanax from eric
-got fucked up
-came home
-went to nacho mamas w/ dad
- skated around
-met up with drew lil chev skeeter and andrew
-drank sum rum n cokes
-smoked sum ganja
-came home
bored n pissed i dotn wanna talk about it
fuck you

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